ART FAN Symposium


Accompanying the exhibition, a one-day symposium was organized on May 14, 2009, together with various actors from art and culture. The aim was to illuminate the essence and dynamics of local, art-related cultural production in a snapshot and to present it to the public at a concluding evening panel discussion.

As organizers of the symposium, we are particularly pleased in retrospect about the participation of so many self-organized initiatives, as well as established cultural institutions from Dresden. Only in this way it was actually possible to fill this snapshot with the symposium ART FAN with content and to make it tangible. This success – to be actually in conversation with many participants, had certainly the consequence that not everybody got the possibility to come sufficiently to word or to transport his concerns, nevertheless we hope that everybody could take something for himself from the day.

With the ART FAN Symposium no common concepts of action or manifestos could be promised in advance and the day itself has become primarily just an intensive snapshot. Despite this, some topics became clearer than others during the course of the day. One approach is that actors of the independent scene meet and – with maintained integrity – discuss concerns together and strengthen each other through mutual support.

In order to record the topics and results of the day and to be able to continue them if necessary, we have briefly summarized the symposium in a public report.