Talk to “Abendmahl” by Susan Donath

Saturday, July 11, 2015, 8 pm

A project by Susan Donath and Jean-Pierre Barraud

Susan Donath:

“It was important to us to see and practice the Last Supper differently. Compared to the classical representation of the motif in fine art, we are not interested in putting 12 or 13 people around a table as a pearl necklace-like row. The focus is on the conversation between us. The people at the table are of different denominations and have different attitudes about faith.”


Denise Ackermann, Hoang Thanh An, Younes Bahram, Anke Binnewerg, Martin Chidiac, Susan Donath, Michael Klipphahn, Barbara Lorenz Höfer, Ronald Hirte, Elisabeth Neuhaus, Nilsson Samuelsson, Michael Schubert.