5 solisten


free improvisation

As the title of the concert evening suggests, 5 musicians (from Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin) will present solo performances spread throughout the space of the old Deutsche Bahn wagon repair hall – today the geh8 kunstraum und ateliers e. V.. The subtitle “Free Improvisation” allows the musicians to use all available free space – both musical and physical – for themselves. You don’t know what to expect. Everything is freely improvised. The stage is everywhere, the music in motion.

In addition to the main performers, there are also works by artists from Munich and Prague who are currently guests at geh8. One is invited to take advantage of the freedom of this moment also as a listener and spectator, because this time the seating is deliberately sparse. Movement is the order of the day. The finale of the musical evening is a large tutti, which allows everything to enter into a direct exchange with each other. Musicians, artists and the listeners themselves communicate with each other. The instrumentalists and the sound they produce become sculptures into whose haze one can move in and out. The listener himself becomes creatively active by moving through the sound space. The walk through the art and sound space can begin.