International art scholarship

For the seconde time the foundation “Stiftung Kunst & Musik für Dresden” awards the International art scholarship to a visual artist. From a selection of five suggestions the jury selected Marinella Senatore, born in Cava de Tirreni, Italy, in 1977 and currently living in Paris.

Marinella Senatore works with different mediums, such as performance, film, video, photography, sound, installation, drawing and collage. With that the formation process is highlighted since she pursues a participatory approach.

She disrupts the classical separation of artist and audience and her work includes often many people with different backgrounds. Her interest focuses on active exchange during the artistic production, less on the final work of art. Subsequently she questions the idea of an individual and distinct artist. With collaboration she is looking to push movement, feelings, thoughts and ideas and to create a momentum which encourages a new social conscience and questions hierarchies.
Marinella Senatore will be living in Dresden for six months starting August 2017. Besides a monthly scholarship the artist receives access to a studio space and apartment. The studio space is part of GEH8, thus the artist will have a connection to the lively Dresden art scene. The public presentation is explicitly the goal of the scholarship. The foundation will be active in close cooperation with the artists and partners to visualize the artistic process for the public.

More information about the artist: