Announcement publication children’s book: GEH8 – Was machen die da eigentlich?

Still looking for the perfectgift for you and your loved ones? Get a copy of the new children’s book about the GEH8 now!


Apart from producing garbage dumps, having loud parties and wasting taxpayers’ money? Gianna, the cricket from the office, also doesn’t understand why bronze burgers and puzzles are supposed to be art. Adi the woodlouse shows her the art and studio house GEH8 and what happens when children, art and culture professionals share a free space in one place. A monstrous rabbit that disappears as if by magic, a river running through the middle of the large exhibition hall, green roofs and facades, real estate maggots and rent brakes, high and low times. You can experience all this and much more with the two of them.

So, what are they up to now?

Simply send an e-mail to and receive the new children’s book from our in-house publishing house in exchange for a tax-deductible donation to support our cultural work.


Editing and idea: Michael Merkel
Text: Kathrin Assauer
Editing: Friederike Fischer
Illustration: Marie Geissler

2022 | 60 pages
24 x 19 cm
ISBN: 978-3-949612-03-9

Supported by the Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.