UMUNDU – Trash with Brain II: “Ideocracy”

Film presentation with UMUNDU-Festival!

We have teamed up with Filmgalerie Phase IV and continue the series “Trash with Brains” this year with “Ideocracy”. Thematically linked to the UMUNDU festival week on the topic of trash, we want to tackle the aspect of “intellectual veiling” and then discuss the provocative statements.

Joe Bowers is a man of down-to-earth intellect. Perhaps that is why he agrees to be frozen for an experiment. He is forgotten to be thawed out again – we all know something like that – and by chance he wakes up in the year 2505. For generations, the intelligence factor has been sifted out of the human gene pool, which means Joe finds himself in a state full of morons. Suddenly he is the fox of the nation and has to save it from its final decline. “Idiocracy” is a science fiction dystopia that somersaults between biting social satire and hollowly celebrating dumbass comedy. It outrages with daring parodies of an inverted social Darwinism as well as with thigh-knockers from the grab bag.

Idiocracy” bawlingly names the rituals of the idiots and underlines the phenomenon of littering in its aesthetics. Trash on all levels. Together we will confront the film and discuss its critical messages out of the clamor. Alexander Stark from Phase IV e. V. will be on hand with an introductory lecture and a discussion with the audience. Venue of the whole thing is the event hall of GEH8.

When: 12.10.2020
Start: 8 pm
Where: GEH8 art room
Free admission, but donations are allowed!