Textile Raumnahme – ornamental structure transformation

The two artists Freya Schweer (Halle) and Anne Reiter (Hamburg) use freely suspended, space-consuming textile pictures in the GEH8-Kunstraum. The industrial surroundings of the old wagon hall contrast with the colour intensity of their large-format works.
Reiter’s screen-print works and Schweer’s Jacquard weavings relate to a historical reflection and critically deal with marginalized art techniques in the textile field.
They refer to patterns of thought characterized by the idea of two opposing gender categories and work on visual alternatives to the established norm.

The digital vernissage with Anne Reiter and Freya Schweer:

Duration: 05/30 – 06/28/2020
Opening hours: Th. & Fr. 4 pm – 9 pm, Sa. & So. Sa 2 pm – 9 pm
Entrance free
photos of the exhibition:
photos by: pidelta.de