Matthias Lorenz // Fremdbestimmt 1: Politik/Gesellschaft

The concert on September 14 marks the start of Matthias Lorenz’s new concert series “fremdbestimmt”, for which he has given six composers a thematic brief to compile a program for solo cello.

This was the approach for Nikolaus Brass and the program on “Politics/Society”:

“It is probably possible to gain a sensitivity for circumstances that influence a person’s work and creations. Whether the person in question “really” wanted to express something of the circumstances and their influence with their work, e.g. their artistic creation, is almost of secondary importance in this type of consideration. Because they have entered the work anyway, knowingly or unknowingly.”

The program includes pieces by György Ligeti, Younghi Pagh-Paan, Uros Rojko, Nikolaus A. Huber, Friedrich Goldmann and Bernd-Alois Zimmermann. As usual, the cellist will comment on the pieces and their contexts during the concert.

When: 14.09.2020

Start: 8 pm

Where: GEH8 art space

Admission: €10 / reduced €6


Matthias Lorenz tells more about the concert series in the following video: