aka Saphy Vong is a sound and video artist.

The solo musician of Cambodian origin lives in Paris / Nancy and works with abstract electronics, noise and sequenced multilayered rhythms. Playing live for him is always an experiment within a situation of spontaneous thought and decision making carried by the energy of the people and the space he and the audience are in.

The list of places he has performed is long, including Helsinki, Bangkok, Saint Petersburg, New York, Berlin (White Rabbit Gallery), Istanbul, etc… He has performed with Hype Williams, KXP, Lydia Lunch, Scott Colburn (Jabon), Ovo, Jooklo Duo, Stellar Om Source, Family Battle Snake and many more.

Collaborations include projects METRO: Libido (with Imran Khan), MONOSOURCIL (with Pavel Viry, Boris Viry and Gaetan Belhenniche), Marie-Pascale Hardy (leyli), ABSYNTHAX with Ivan karib (Mpala Garoo), ZackKouns and Rory Hinchey, Dustin Wong (Ecstatic sunshine,


He is the founder of the label Steak au zoo (Les Trucs, Elektro Elektro, GREGALDUR,…) and organizer of the concert series for noise, experimental and free music “GROLDEBOX”.

LAFIDKI will be supported on this evening by Kikiilimikilii. He himself describes his music as “Acoustic / Korean Pop / Visual Kei”…. You can be curious!