Kunst.Raum.Konzerte present: Organ Clash meets Kumo

The Kunst.Raum.Konzerte offer a platform for the fusion of sound-, image- and space-based arts. In the process, music is always joined by another art form. In addition to playing their own pieces, each band develops a composition in real time together with the audience.

This is edgy organ jazz with a rock attitude which, through its spontaneity, takes the listener completely into the world of the Hammond organ. The force with which the music unfolds electrifies the air. The joy of playing of the three musicians creates every time completely new and unique moments, which surprise not only the listener. In concerts the three musicians contrast their pieces between rocky fireworks and jazzy ballads. In an impressive way, three soloists merge into a sound collective and create unforgettable and ecstasy-like moments. Organ Clash not only wants to pull its listeners into the maelstrom of their music in every moment, but also wants the “Hammond Organ Trio” as a line-up to become “normality” in today’s club scene.

In his graphics and paintings, KUMO makes use of samples and references from pop and subculture. The intersection between illustration and abstract composition offers viewers an accessible possibility for free interpretation.


When: Thursday, October 6, 2022
Start: 8 pm
Where: GEH8

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