Concert: Cobalt Cluster

Friday, 26.09.2014, 8 pm

Cobalt Cluster pushes the boundaries of what is possible with its classical jazz quartet instrumentation. The composed is juxtaposed with the improvised, both relate to each other and yet leave plenty of room for each other. The result is a chamber music sound body in which microtonal harmonies, instrumental noises and differentiated structures form the musical substance. It is about the richness of color of sound in all its facets. The four musicians, who have been active in the Berlin scene of experimental and improvised music for years, bring all their individuality to the music.

Along the way, the exhibition “Bulgarska Rabota | Bulgarian Work” will also be on display. Detailed information can be found atбългарска-pабота-bulgarische-arbeit

Entrance: 8,- € / 5,- (red.)

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