High-Rise – Im Bann der unsichtbaren Städte

Reading and Music: 24. October, 20 o’clock
Entrance: 5,- €

An event in the framework of the 8th Umundu Festival. The full program at www.umundu.de

Nils Michael Weishaupt (theater musician) plays the electric guitar.

A literary conversation between J.G. Ballard and Italo Calvino about our urban future.

“It is with cities as with dreams” speaks Marco Polo. “Anything imaginable can be dreamed, but even the most improbable dream is an image riddle that hides a wish, or its inverse, a fear.”

Between skyscraper dystopia and the utopian accounts of Marco Polo, the texts reflect the whole range of possible human self-development in poetic unprecedentedness. Will human connoisseurs and humanitarians ever join hands? If so: on the balcony or in the garden?

With the kind support of the publishers diaphanes and Carl Hanser.
An event by Büchers Best in the context of the 8. Umundu-Festivals