50 Uhr [das DU im ICH]

A tribute to Matthias Kornetzky (1957 – 2019).

Matthias Kornetzky was a central figure in the occupation and dissolution of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR in Berlin and Dresden and bipolar disturbed (manic-depressive). The last four years of his life were accompanied by Frank Wallburger (director) and a large, interdisciplinary network of people. In the summer of 2020, 50 Uhr is finished, a surreal-authentic film documentary about an extraordinarily eventful, crazy and dramatic life – told from the perspective and with the extreme mood progression of a bipolar disorder. Matthias and Frank’s journey together ends tragically. Both die, one in the film and one in real life. Each in their own right has left a message.

The prehistory

Matthias Kornetzky and Frank Wallburger get to know each other through three tragic deaths and painted oil paintings. Their first meeting in the fall of 2015 lasted eight hours. Frank was fascinated by Matthias’ incredible life achievement and the way he revealed it. They become friends and decide to revisit the stations of their lives together. The camera was almost always with them. Deeper and deeper Frank penetrated into the interior of Matthias, into a world completely foreign to him or as Matthias said: “… into a labyrinth of synapses without logic and reason”.

More than 300 people joined the two: Actors, musicians and singers, dancers, contemporary witnesses, companions and friends, experts from film, sound, dramaturgy, medicine and psychology, artists from different disciplines (…).

About the film

Genre: Psychodrama as surreal-authentic documentary, fiction, music and art film
Theme: How does it feel to be manic-depressive? … a homage to Matthias Kornetzky (co-dissolver of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR in Berlin and Dresden)
Length: 183 minutes
Age restriction: 18 years and older
Producers: Frank Wallburger | Neuer Sächsischer Kunstverein e.V. with an interdisciplinary network
Director: Frank Wallburger

About the exhibition

Genre: painting, graphic art, photography, sculptures/plastics, videography, installation/object art
Curation: Dirk Großer (opening exhibition)
Exhibiting artists (inaugural exhibition): Silvia Maria Philipp (Augsburg), Adidal Abou-Chamat (Egling), Antonia Gruber (Cologne), Hannah Lansburgh (Berlin), Constanze Schüttoff (Radebeul/Dresden), Maria Anwander (Berlin), Julia Peters (Leipzig), Johanna Failer (Dresden), Anja von Wins (Erching), Lisa Schubert (Leipzig), Bianca Strauch (Halle/Saale), Saskia Kaiser (Düsseldorf), Sylvia Anais Krüger (Ostseebad Nienhagen), Luise Läßig (Dresden), Anna Ameno (Coswig/Saxony), Alexandra Kaufhold (Braunschweig/Dresden), Kai Welf Hoyme (Cologne, Mönchengladbach), Bernd Miesing (Düsseldorf), Thomas Christians (Nienburg/Saxony-Anhalt)


Duration: April 29 – May 15, 2022
Exhibition: daily 15.00 – 19.00 (free admission)
Film: daily from 19.30 (admission: 8 € / 6 € reduced)
Vernissage: 29 & 30 April| Start: 18.00 (Admission: 16.30)
Panel discussion: 08 & 15 May| Start: 10.00 a.m. (Panel guests: director, curator, etc.)
Where: GEH8


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