Thicker as water

Exhibition Duration: 15.4. – 29.4.16
Opening: 15.4. , 19.00 clock

Opening hours: Sat. – Wed. 17.00 – 20.00
Opening with a performance (film and concert) by Maria Schwerdtner at 20.30

23.4. at 18.00: Reading by Nancy Hünger from her latest book ‘Wir sind golden, wir sind aus Blut’ (published 2014 , edition AZUR).

Exhibitors: Normen Perke, Stefan Leyh, Daniela Hoferer, Johanna Rüggen, Max Aschenbach, Klaus Beckmann, Dana Berg.

as well as: Maria Schwerdtner (concert and film) and Nancy Hünger (reading)

Curators: Dana Berg, Max Aschenbach

The family is the framework that shapes us and from which we never completely detach ourselves. It is here that rituals are created, shared memories are generated and identity is forged. At the same time, the private space that a family shares and protects from the outside means both intimacy and vulnerability.

The exhibition illuminates the different facets and tangible ruptures within a concept of family that is all too often reduced to an ideal.

On display are drawings, still and moving objects, installations and films by a total of 7 artists, as well as a performance by Maria Schwerdtner on the opening evening.

The curators’ belief in the effect of images was the basis for the selection of the partly autobiographical, partly biographical and fictional positions assembled here.

On April 23, the writer Nancy Hünger will read from her book ‘ Wir sind golden, wir sind aus Blut ‘.


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