With works by:  J. Tobias Anderson (SWE), Annette Hollywood (DE), Neuen Berliner Kunstverein & Dan Perjovschi (DE/ROU), Julia Krause (DE), Jonas Lewek (DE), Hila Peleg (ISR/DE), Thomas Mann (†), Antje Seeger (DE)

The exhibition connects artistic work, created by affirmative practises such as copying, pirating, consumption, deception, forgery or stealing. In addition, the works connect artistic institutional critic with self criticism.

In addition to the exhibition a workshop focuses on self critic as a form of civic critic. The workshop “ Parrhesia – Dimensions of artistic self critic” is held in cooperation with the project “Theater der Diskriminierung. Darstellung und Reflexion invektiver Dynamiken in Gegenwartstheater, Performance und Aktionskunst“ im SFB „Invektivität. Konstellationen und Dynamiken der Herabsetzung“ (1285) at TU Dresden. The name of the speakers will be disclosed soon.

Pictures from the opening

pictures: ©

Titelbild: In einer Phase der Selbstoptimierung / Foto der Installation, © Antje Seeger & VG Bildkunst