Tina Beifuss, Anja Kempe, Isabelle Krieg

Period: 09 – 25.09.2016

Opening hours: Thu-Sun, 15 – 19 h

Opening: Friday, 09.09.2016, 7 p.m.
with the Berlin yodel duo transalpin, later sounds by DJ Rogoshina.

Finissage: Sunday, 25.09.2016, 15 – 19 o`clock with Dirk Lange (17 Uhr)

Tina Beifuss, Anja Kempe and Isabelle Krieg make their way through the former wagon repair shop. The heroes of an absurd gymnastics of things swing through the room, while a shiny bulge rolls lazily across the floor. Traces on the wall question the solidity of one’s standpoint and the former tracks rise filigree into airy heights, where they meet a dancing cat. What is the well-trained guy next to me doing? Should I participate in site-specific cross-training? An echo sounds from afar and Dirk Lange asks whether all this could have been avoided.


DNN, 16.09.2016


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