Drumtraditionjam & Elektro Native Live Act Intiche

Freitag, 3. Juli, 20 Uhr

20 Uhr optional Drumtraditionjam by chance open multirythm session to join in

21.30 Uhr, Elektro Native Live Act

DJ Intiche, Berlin

Sprituelle DJ Kunstformat in der Ausstellung Holy Independent Space

Intiche is known by his Electro-Nativo music style, “Nawell” is the perfect example of the meaning of this style. By the fusion of electronic sounds: Electro, Nu-Cumbia, Dub, Tribal, Trance, and Native, the album takes you into a jungle, mountains and seas of sounds from south, central and north america. With traditional songs, voices, nature sounds and original compositions; Intiche has created another piece of art, worth to be noted!

(press by Aztek Electronic Music)